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June 17th – 21st: CodeMettle Exhibiting at Eurosatory 2024

May 6th – 9th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at SOF Week 2024

CodeMettle Announces the Release of Terminus 5 – An Advanced NetOps Software that is More Tailorable and Adaptable to More Platforms and Applications than Ever Before

March 18-21: CodeMettle Exhibiting at Satellite 2024

CodeMettle Selected By Comtech to Provide Software Supporting U.S. Army EDIM Modems

February 21st – 23rd: CodeMettle Exhibiting at TechNet Fort Liberty 2024

CodeMettle Embraces MOSA and Enables Resilient, Distributed Management Concepts with its Tactical NetOps Software Terminus/Nexus 4.0

February 13th – 15th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at AFCEA West 2024

November 7th – 9th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at TechNet Indo-Pacific 2023

CodeMettle’s Terminus Software Selected as part of $500M USMC IDIQ Contract

Data Driven Network Resiliency Requires Data Fabrics Tailored to DIL Environments 

CodeMettle Wins U.S. National Guard Air Force Special Warfare (AFSPECWAR) Contract to Provide Vendor Agnostic, All-Domain Tactical Edge NetOps Licenses 

October 9th – 11th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition 2023

September 12th – 15th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at DSEI

CodeMettle Announces Pending Patent for Pulse, a Tactical NetOps Data Fabric Technology 

CodeMettle Wins U.S. Army Contract to Provide Software Licenses for Integrated NetOps Battalion and Below (INB2)

August 14th – 17th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at TechNet Augusta 2023

CodeMettle Releases Terminus 3.0, the Most Secure and Efficient Warfighter-Ready Node Manager on the Market

May 8th – 11th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at SOF Week 2023

March 14th – 16th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at Satellite 2023

Multi-Path Architecture: A Promise of Resiliency at the Edge

  • January 30, 2023
  • Blog

Army Invited CodeMettle’s INB2 Technology to PC22 Exercise

February 14th – 16th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at AFCEA WEST

Acceleration, Convergence and Distribution: 3 Key Themes from TEM 9

  • December 22, 2022
  • Blog

February 9th – 10th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at TechNet Fort Bragg

Data On Demand – A Full Picture of Data Available at the Tactical Edge

  • November 17, 2022
  • Blog

November 28th – December 2nd: CodeMettle Exhibiting at MILCOM

CodeMettle Wins SiriusXM Satellite Contract

November 1st-3rd: CodeMettle Exhibiting at TechNet Indo-Pacific 2022

CodeMettle Selected by U.S. Army to Continue Critical Work on INB2 Contract

October 25th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at the 2022 Fall APG Technology Expo

October 10th-12th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at AUSA 2022

CodeMettle Announces Industry Veteran Mike Mostow as First COO

CodeMettle Launches Terminus 2.0 at TechNet Augusta 2022

August 15th-18th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at TechNet Augusta 2022

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