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CodeMettle Wins U.S. National Guard Air Force Special Warfare (AFSPECWAR) Contract to Provide Vendor Agnostic, All-Domain Tactical Edge NetOps Licenses 

October 8th – 11th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition 2023

September 12th – 15th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at DSEI

CodeMettle Announces Pending Patent for Pulse, a Tactical NetOps Data Fabric Technology 

CodeMettle Wins U.S. Army Contract to Provide Software Licenses for Integrated NetOps Battalion and Below (INB2)

August 14th – 17th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at TechNet Augusta 2023

CodeMettle Releases Terminus 3.0, the Most Secure and Efficient Warfighter-Ready Node Manager on the Market

May 8th – 11th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at SOF Week 2023

March 14th – 16th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at Satellite 2023

Multi-Path Architecture: A Promise of Resiliency at the Edge

  • January 30, 2023
  • Blog

Army Invited CodeMettle’s INB2 Technology to PC22 Exercise

February 14th – 16th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at AFCEA WEST

Acceleration, Convergence and Distribution: 3 Key Themes from TEM 9

  • December 22, 2022
  • Blog

February 9th – 10th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at TechNet Fort Bragg

Data On Demand – A Full Picture of Data Available at the Tactical Edge

  • November 17, 2022
  • Blog

November 28th – December 2nd: CodeMettle Exhibiting at MILCOM

CodeMettle Wins SiriusXM Satellite Contract

November 1st-3rd: CodeMettle Exhibiting at TechNet Indo-Pacific 2022

CodeMettle Selected by U.S. Army to Continue Critical Work on INB2 Contract

October 25th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at the 2022 Fall APG Technology Expo

October 10th-12th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at AUSA 2022

CodeMettle Announces Industry Veteran Mike Mostow as First COO

CodeMettle Launches Terminus 2.0 at TechNet Augusta 2022

August 15th-18th: CodeMettle Exhibiting at TechNet Augusta 2022

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