Earth Station Management

A common user experience for simplifying the monitoring and management of earth stations.

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Monitoring and managing large networks of geographically spaced nodes takes time, energy, and resources.

  • Disparate and complicated tools and manual processes
  • Inefficient management of configurations
  • Fragmented physical and virtual asset inventories
  • Inability to manage a variety of interfaces collectively
  • Disconnected service delivery life cycle phases

CodeMettle translated years of experience working with government, defense, and commercial partners into a comprehensive Earth Station Management solution powered by Meridian.

These design principles differentiate this solution and ensure its suitability:

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In doing research with network administrators, CodeMettle quickly discovered that it took many complex and varied tools to accommodate requests, schedule, provision, and troubleshoot. Working with these users, CodeMettle brought the entire service delivery lifecycle into one tool with a uniform feel across all phases.

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Configuration management is a tedious process that requires experts on multiple systems to understand the present and desired states. To remedy this issue, engineers placed staging and control automations between the enterprise and earth station to make configuration management an interoperable process across the organization.

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CodeMettle actively sought user feedback to identify common processes and needed functionality. This feedback formed the basis of simplified workflows and quick access views for signal flow, rack, site, and location information and diagrams that consolidated multiple tools into one user-friendly interface. Operators can execute processes more efficiently with network and operational data combined into one tool.

Simplify the lifecycle of human processes required to run your earth station with a familiar and user-friendly interface.

  • Physical and virtual asset consolidation into one inventory for easy tracking
  • Architecture inclusive of baseband, RF/spectrum, and transmission interfaces
  • Unified service delivery life cycle system
  • Views for signal flow, rack, site, and location
  • Easy access to uplink, downlink, matrix switching, and modem/mission management
  • Advanced staging and controls for configuration management

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