Software-Defined Planning

Digitizes processes, including brokering and orchestrating, with outside entities to create the most optimized plans.

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Brokering the best path of connectivity in isolated environments is time-consuming, even for experts.

  • Fragmented or incomplete data may lead to suboptimal plans
  • Inability to gauge the best fit
  • Contingency plans must be improvised
  • Unscalable and time-intensive
  • Strenuous brokering between contracts

CodeMettle worked with various service planners, from SATCOM to 5G, to understand the intricacies of the planning lifecycle. Modifications within Meridian produced the capabilities necessary to simplify service planning.

These design principles differentiate this solution and ensure its suitability:

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The logistics of service planning entails juggling service and asset data to find the best fit. Planners must cross-reference many sources to find availability within dynamic constraints. Meridian ingests and correlates the data needed to plan various networks such that planners can design services efficiently and accurately with access to all required information at their fingertips.

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Just because a service is available doesn’t mean it’s the best fit. Time, budget, and resiliency constraints introduce an added layer of complexity into the service planning process. Planners expend a lot of energy weeding through service plans that turn out to be unfeasible. CodeMettle developed a customizable ranking engine algorithm that allows planners to declare custom and dynamic constraints for the best fit.

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Every PACE plan has four options, meaning that simplifying any aspect of planning has a multiplicative impact. By replacing routine processes with automation, planners can appropriately apply their expertise to difficult problems when creating resilient plans. The time to create plans can be drastically reduced from weeks to hours.

Software-Defined Planning simplifies processes at scale and enables metrics and orchestration surrounding resiliency, mission assurance, and re-planning.

  • Brokering of SATCOM, cellular, 5G, Wi-Fi, and line of sight contracts
  • Ranking Engine algorithms find the best objective fit based on customizable and dynamic constraints
  • Normalization of connectivity to various platforms and non-standard data sources, including Device Centric (spectrum/bandwidth/RF health) and Operational Centric (environment, logistics, people, training, support, weather, etc.)
  • Re-planning with automation and digitization across the enterprise
  • Reduce time and effort with the routine and the difficult

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