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Manage networks at scale.

Decentralized aggregation tool for managing a network of nodes at any scale for seamless communication across networks and echelons.

Scale in Any Environment

  • Singular tool for rapidly expanding networks.
  • Bring new nodes into the network at will.
  • Simplifies integration between lower and higher echelons.
Nexus logical map dashboard screenshot on a 3D rendered laptop

Eliminate Seams Between the Edge and TOC

  • Uninhibited and real-time flow of information.
  • Collaborate and communicate across networks.
  • Assign tasks and workflows down to lower echelons.
Nexus service desk ticketing screenshot on a 3D rendered laptop

Remotely Manage Distant Nodes

  • Remotely send, stage, and install asset packs, updates, and patches.
  • Manage the back and forth of NetOps.
  • Converge disparate nodes into one fluid network.
Nexus config management screenshot on a 3D rendered laptop

See the Bigger Picture

  • Configurable status rollups eliminate noise and help you focus.
  • Anticipate needs with historical data and reports.
  • Comprehensive view of the status of the network at all times.
Nexus status overview dashboard screenshot on a 3D rendered laptop

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