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Plan, build, and manage enterprise operations.

Enterprise interface for data integration, collaboration, and automation to increase efficiency, situational awareness, and decision dominance.

Decision Dominance

  • View assets and overall network health with mission context.
  • Customizable metadata for heightened situational awareness.
  • Course correct without impacting operations.
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Simplify the Everyday

  • Enhances productivity and reduces cognitive load.
  • Digitizes and automates complex manual processes and tasks.
  • Free admins from complexity to best leverage their knowledge.
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Smooth Operations

  • Seamless synchronization and interoperability between people, processes, and tools.
  • Monitor the flow and health of all devices in your network in real time.
  • Instantly be alerted to issues and their operational impact.
  • Ensures continuity of operations across the entire organization.
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Reduce Tools and Complexity

  • Consumes operational data and transforms it into one unified, common picture.
  • Visualizations that are simple to read and understand.
  • Integrates with new and legacy NetOps data and tools.
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Unify Network Operations

  • Unify your organization and committed resources.
  • Visualize equipment, personnel, network assets, and data.
  • Streamline the business of network operations.
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