Edge Node Management

Set up, operate, and manage remote nodes and complex services quickly and easily.

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Ensuring connectivity and capabilities at the edge is no easy feat, especially for inexperienced operators.

  • Too many tools and expensive training
  • Frequently need expert intervention at the node
  • Minimal bandwidth to support remotely
  • Overwhelming complexity of systems

CodeMettle built Terminus with and for node operators to provide a universal management tool for any complex node at the edge.

These design principles differentiate this solution and ensure its suitability:

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Years of experience with edge users in the field prompted CodeMettle to create a solution that contains all the needed functionality with the lowest footprint possible. Terminus respects bandwidth constraints while conserving compute power, even in the most DIL environments.

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CodeMettle observed operators struggle with multiple tools creating significant pain points, for what should be simple tasks. Terminus helps operators and experts view relevant data by transforming complex tasks into easy-to-use workflows with further simplification through progressive disclosure.

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CodeMettle has worked with various systems, including radios, baseband, Line of Sight, RF, and complex SATCOM nodes. While each is different, engineers isolated common workflows, types of devices, and information operators needed across various nodes. They then built universal and standard workflows, dashboards, and alarms into the product.

Quickly and easily set up, operate, and manage your edge node with Edge Node Management.

  • Simplifies and eliminates steps in complex tasks
  • Supports local and remote node management
  • Reduces excessive training time
  • Operators can independently get their nodes up and running

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