Organizational Logistics

A single interface for syncing and streamlining communication and operations that gives you a holistic view of all your organizational assets, operations, and status from anywhere in the world.

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Uncontrolled growth and proliferation of data and tools can make logistics hard to manage.

  • Geographically dispersed maintenance, logistics, and operations teams
  • Asynchronous and siloed communication
  • Flawed service plans due to disorganized and delayed asset data
  • Inability to project equipment needs, outages, and failures
  • Inefficient troubleshooting and incident management processes

CodeMettle leveraged the power of all three products to make complex government, defense, and commercial organizations run smoothly.

These design principles differentiate this solution and ensure its suitability:

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Administrators expend a lot of energy on faulty, dissonant processes and tools. CodeMettle worked with users to transform error-prone and cumbersome processes into uniform and easy-to-use guided workflows across the organization.

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Dispersed inventory, outage, and failure data are typically unusable. Together, the products streamline this data so that organizations can preplan and project future needs. CodeMettle configured the products to unify and route this data into easily shareable reports.

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Staggered communication between administrators and terminal end-users slows troubleshooting operations. CodeMettle investigated hurdles to communication and implemented collaboration features like chat and shared Kanban boards to accelerate operations.

Organizational Logistics unifies assets, processes, and tools into a single interface that gives you a real-time understanding of maintenance, logistics, and operations.

  • Enhanced communication and collaboration for faster troubleshooting
  • Cohesive ecosystem for inventory, planning, and incident management ticketing
  • Guided workflows reduce unnecessary tools and error-prone processes
  • Unifies inventory, outage, and failure data into reports for future projection

Want your organization to be able to preplan and troubleshoot with ease?

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