CodeMettle Announces the Release of Terminus 5 – An Advanced NetOps Software that is More Tailorable and Adaptable to More Platforms and Applications than Ever Before

Terminus 5 is now a web-based NetOps tool with enhanced visualization configurability and collaborative task management and is platform agnostic (i.e., operates on a server, cloud, or tablet).

ATLANTA, Mar. 18, 2024 – CodeMettle, an innovative developer of network operations (NetOps) software, today announced the latest Terminus version, an update that features a new web-based user interface (UI), fully configurable dashboards, more robust historical reporting, and task management from the network operations center (NOC) to the node. The new features and enhancements in this latest release derive from user feedback, reflecting CodeMettle’s commitment to continuously improving the user experience (UX), deployment, and ease of use of our products. 

A web-based Terminus UI provides users with a familiar and intuitive browser-based UX and eliminates the need to install and update client-side software. Patches and updates can be automatically pushed down to clients from a server, enabling Terminus administrators and maintainers to spend less time applying them to Terminus. 

CodeMettle has added more features and tools for users to customize their own dashboards and share relevant information in Terminus 5. Users can now tailor dashboard widgets to their unique needs with custom graphs and charts that display real-time data. The historical reporting feature enables users to easily visualize, understand, and share relevant information about their networks, including valuable insights into critical events such as network outages, and security and user events for enhanced situational awareness and decision-making. 

Operationally, CodeMettle continues to advance its tasking capabilities to facilitate the administration and management of the network. Task management further removes the barrier between the node and the NOC by enabling effortless task tracking and synchronization across the wide area network (WAN). Network Planners now seamlessly distribute and track plans through execution across the network and to the edge, reducing the opportunity for human error and creating a more unified and resilient network.  

“Our product updates are driven by our customer interactions, where we collect valuable user guidance and feedback,” said Richard Graham, CEO of CodeMettle. “The new web-based UI and enhanced historical reporting feature have resulted in a NetOps tool that empowers the users with greater control, accessibility, and insights into their network operations.” 

CodeMettle will demonstrate these new core features, along with its enterprise Meridian software and Nexus NOC solution, at the upcoming Satellite conference, which will take place March 17-19 in Washington, DC. To set up a demo at the event, contact us at [email protected].

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