Data On Demand – A Full Picture of Data Available at the Tactical Edge

  • November 17, 2022
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Department of Defense (DoD) officials and operators agree that a data-driven network, one that supports faster and better decisions and actions, is key to defeating our adversaries. Among the issues facing the Army as it attempts to create this network is limited visibility into the various types of data available at the node level. A vast array of undiscovered-yet-critical data is routinely left at the edge, hidden in plain sight.  

Beyond that, another complication is limited network bandwidth that is regularly overwhelmed by competing applications’ demands such as NetOps and cybersecurity activities needed to maintain the network. At the tactical edge, every moment and every connection counts. Particularly in austere environments, the DoD must be able to utilize data and bandwidth reliably and strategically for decision dominance.  

That’s why CodeMettle’s software solution creates full visibility of the various types of data available at the edge. It also enables network operators to monitor and control bandwidth allocation, so they can prioritize bandwidth at any time and ultimately convey mission-critical insights to relevant decision-makers. Instead of bundling data and pushing it to the cloud, our solution makes the data visible at the edge. And, as mission requirements evolve, operators can quickly decide which data to transmit, to whom and when. 

As the DoD moves toward a data-driven network, greater visibility into the current state of the network is critical to enhancing mission readiness and enabling informed, rapid decisions that are more precise. CodeMettle’s software solution provides near real-time visibility into the network’s baseline and current state, so Warfighters at the edge can confidently perform their duties and maintain the network. Ultimately, access to mission-critical data will play a decisive role in improving the quality and speed of decisions that will give us a tactical advantage over our adversaries.  

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