CodeMettle Embraces MOSA and Enables Resilient, Distributed Management Concepts with its Tactical NetOps Software Terminus/Nexus 4.0

CodeMettle’s innovative NetOps software suite enables modular and distributed network control from the edge to the enterprise and enhances overall network resiliency.

ATLANTA, Dec. 11, 2023 – CodeMettle, an innovative developer of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) network operations (NetOps) software, announced its 4.0 release of Terminus/Nexus. Leveraging Modular Open Standards Approach (MOSA), Terminus/Nexus now interchangeably offers node and network operations center (NOC) management within the same NetOps software package. This singular solution reduces the number of NetOps tools installed and maintained at every network echelon while providing a versatile nodal manager that rapidly adapts to centralized, decentralized, or hybrid network conditions. Using the same code base, Terminus/Nexus enables Multi-Domain Operations (MDO), resiliency through rapid network configuration and reconfiguration, and uniformity across echelons. Terminus/Nexus is a secure Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)-compliant product, adhering to the U.S. Government computer security standard for cryptographic modules.

It is the first integrated software suite responsive to Soldiers’ needs at all network echelons, removing the barrier between the edge and the enterprise. This uniformity creates a more agile, easier-to-use, and sustainable network. Terminus/Nexus enhances redundancy, enabling users to centrally manage and decentrally execute NetOps functions easily anywhere in the network and promote nodes at will for greater resiliency, uptime, and quality of service. Well-documented and exposed Nexus application programming interfaces (APIs) provide fast and efficient collaboration with third-party systems. Its new log forwarding feature also acts as a centralized system for securely moving logs up from the edge, enabling greater security awareness at the NOC.

“Terminus/Nexus 4.0 is the result of five years of development and uniquely helps customers achieve their unified network objectives using an open software framework,” said Richard Graham, CEO of CodeMettle, “This solution provides a strong foundation for continuing to advance any organization’s unified NetOps objectives.”

Like all CodeMettle products, Terminus/Nexus is openly architected and follows the MOSA standard, allowing for easy integration and swappability between third-party vendors, planners, and AI and modeling/simulation technologies for robust NetOps.

CodeMettle was invited to Network Modernization Experiment (NetModX) 2023 using a beta version of its Terminus/Nexus 4.0, demonstrating the achievability of NetOps for the C5ISR/EW Modular Open Suite of Standards (CMOSS) Mounted Form Factor (CMFF) chassis using open and modular standards. For more information about CodeMettle’s modular suite of NetOps software, please contact [email protected].

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