Simplifying NetOps Within Edge Constraints

  • June 19, 2024
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With 15 years of experience working with node operators, CodeMettle has gained a unique understanding of the complexities at the network edge. This expertise has culminated in the development of Terminus and Nexus, our latest Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Network Operations (NetOps) software products that are designed specifically for the modern battlefield. Terminus and Nexus abstract the complexity out of the heterogeneous tools, nodes, devices, processes, and networks found at the extreme edge.  

Terminus is a full-featured node manager that is intuitive, simple to use, and comes with hundreds of existing interfaces to commonly managed third-party hardware and software components.  

Nexus provides remote, multi-node management in centralized, decentralized, or hybrid network environments.   

Together, Terminus and Nexus offer the novel ability to interconnect and manage a network of nodes at scale, promoting greater resiliency at the edge.

Additionally, these products:  

  • Promote and enhance collaboration 
  • Offset Disconnected, Intermittent, and Latent (DIL) constraints 
  • Enable easy technology insertion through adherence to open and modular standards 
  • Interoperate with hundreds of third-party hardware and software products out of the box 
  • Offer a consistent, familiar, simple, and intuitive User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) grounded in real user feedback 

Download the full Terminus & Nexus Overview to learn how your organization can simplify NetOps at the edge.  

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