Unifying Network Operation

Unifying Network Operations

Expanding operations require constant integration between old and new technologies.

In reality, technologies compound onto each other, creating operational divides and training disparities. Decision making is greatly impacted by the inability to overcome an ever growing and complex data-based operational environment.

Scale faster, visualize your entire operations, and eliminate silos.

CodeMettle enables unified network operations by controlling the aggregation, flow, and visualization of data.

We interface with your resources at the edge, even before the network is set up.

Data is aggregated and routed to the places it’s needed most.

Decision makers are given the exact data they need to visualize their entire operations and quickly act.

Operators can autonomously set up and control their hardware, while users at the NOC can easily make informed decisions in real-time based on timely and accurate data coming from the edge.

Commanders can visualize the entirety of their network, understand the impacts of changes across the network, and make planning decisions based on those changes.

This holistic approach to network operations enables organizations to eliminate disparate technologies and scale more effectively than ever.

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