Teleport Management

teleport management

Intuitive Operator Driven Workflows

The CodeMettle platform centralizes data management, orchestration, and network management for earth stations and teleports. Unify your business, devices, and application data together into one common platform allowing you to plan, execute, monitor, visualize, and analyze the end-to-end network.


Additional features include:

  • Intuitive operator-driven workflows to book, reserve and auto-release assets to support service requirements (e.g., IP ranges and physical inventory).
  • Real-time monitoring and data collection on assets undergoing services.
  • Promote multi-level collaboration with data sharing and group chat.
  • Empower teams to resolve issues quickly by integrating extended data such as maintenance windows and logistics in the data platform seamlessly automating routine processes and operations.
  • Spectrum interfaces – signal quality metrics acquired from large ground stations.
  • Transmission management – manage path downstream of spectrum interfaces and indicate quality of service for the entire chain. Also manage ancillary equipment that can impact performance and  availability (e.g., HVAC, UPS, Generators).
  • Baseband interfaces – manage network node health and quality overlaid with routing data to better understand the impact of decisions.
  • Service overview and SLAs – quickly distinguish down/degraded signal qualities versus nominal paths.

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