Network Management

network management

Enable Interoperability

The vast majority of legacy network tools provide basic, unsophisticated and unintelligent one-way monitoring of devices. As device types, protocols, and networks grow, engineers are typically forced to interact with more and more element managers and silo tools. This is unsustainable and simply obsolete.

CodeMettle provides the next generation of operators a unified management solution. It combines intelligent monitoring with proactive provisioning, orchestration and workflow making the job of managing the most complex of networks easier, faster, and more automated.

A Unified Management Solution

Fault management

  • Natively understands network topology and intelligently implements service awareness
  • Clearly displays the root cause and provides an instant ability to interact with and resolve the offending device
  • Isolate errors, false positives, and abnormal behavior using advanced trending analysis

configuration management

  • Unique from other platforms, CodeMettle offers a native understanding of device configuration allowing for service configuration to be implemented over the top of all data flows
  • Track your latest configurations, detect bad/non-standard configs, and revert to your last known good config reducing downtime


  • Monitoring apps for accounting services collect statistics and data, but CodeMettle takes it a step above by enabling the network provider for a more sophisticated approach to accounting services
  • Appropriately manage, bill, or charge for the services provided for a more seamless customer experience

performance and health

  • Create a better customer experience with a total performance picture
  • Drill down on root causes for services, application, and network performance with end-to-end, multi-layered service monitoring and measurement
  • Remediate common events to proactively manage the performance and health of your network


  • Independently tested and certified for Information Assurance and Security
  • Quarterly, rigorous process of tests against newly identified vulnerabilities, exceeding compliance on the latest standards
  • Deployment guide that includes methods and layers to extend protection for the security conscious

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