An enterprise interface for data integration, collaboration, and automation.

Tristan’s Sanbox

                    Integrate received information and coordinate the
                    activities of all other parts of your organization.

Enable Interoperability

Integration platform that incorporates
legacy network operations data and
tools with an open API for future parities.

Fast-Track Decisions

                    Workflows to coordinate, execute,
                    and monitor processes for users.

Visualize a Common Picture

                    Configurable views that pairs network
                    operations data and processes. 

Create Shared Understanding

                    Aggregate, correlate, collaborate, and report
                    faster across your entire network.



Use Inventory to organize equipment, personnel, network assets, and other customizable metadata to determine best resources for operations. Log and view status of every asset and resource in context. Create templates to easily organize assets in the future.


View assets by location in real time in accordance with operations. Filter and search the map to drill down into specific assets. View network status at-a-glance to inform operational context and decisions. 

Network Map

View information for any SATCOM, Line of Sight, or terrestrial network. Monitor the flow and health of all devices in your network in real time. Instantly be alerted to issues and resolve them quickly.  

Resource Booking and Scheduling

Coordinate missions by date, time, personnel, location, and other custom metadata. Declare capabilities and reserve assets for missions. Track the mission lifecycle across customizable states.


Dynamically record planned or unplanned events and activities. Use custom tags to organize events for quick filtering. Instantly visualize events over time. 


Inform decisions with increased information efficacy. Easily review and approve reports. Manage and track assets over time and view overall network health with mission context.